Environment & Community


As hotel operators, we are well aware of the large amount of waste that such enterprises can produce and their potential for harmful environmental impact.

Renovations of Adelphi in 2013 provided the opportunity to implement not only innovative technologies but also contemporary ideals and practices. A commitment to environmental sustainability and community has been at the core of the buildng’s rejuvenation.

We are also conscious of the simple but significant measures that can be taken – for example, reducing waste and water usage, choosing long-lasting or recyclable products and materials, and avoiding harsh chemicals – to minimise this impact and the size of our carbon footprint. It is our ongoing aim to be a responsible and responsive part of our local community.


Initiatives we have introduced inside Adelphi include:

— Implementing energy-efficient lighting throughout the hotel
— Installing water-reducing showerheads and aerators
— Installing efficient waterless urinals in men’s public bathrooms
— Designing a waste recycling program for our staff
— Sourcing sheets and linen with a high thread count, which are not only more comfortable for our guests but also last much longer
— Choosing refillable hand wash dispensers for our public bathrooms to reduce plastic bottle waste
— Reducing the waste of less-used amenities such as shower caps and shoe polish by making them available by request only
— Reducing paper wastage by offering newspapers by request only Using 100% biodegradable cleaning products throughout the hotel.


We contribute to several fantastic charity organisations: For each day that our guests (staying more than one night) opt not to have their towels and bed linen laundered, Adelphi Hotel will pass on the cost saving and donate $2.00 to a choice of one of four local charities.

— Cleanup Australia (helping our environment)
— Bravehearts (helping our children)
— RSPCA Victoria (helping our animals)
— The Salvation Army (helping our hungry and homeless)