Pool & Deck

‘A glass-bottomed, cantilevered swimming pool that extends a full two metres beyond the building’s periphery to hover above Flinders Lane.’

You’ll always find a splash of summer at Adelphi Hotel’s pool and deck. Styled by Gloss Creative, the Miami-esque escape (renovated in late 2017) features an iconic cantilevered, glass bottom pool that hangs from the building, a full nine storeys from Flinders Lane below. The genius of the refurb has seen Adelphi retaining it’s ground-breaking pool design from the 90s whilst increasing the lounging capacity.

The pool now maintains 22-24 degrees through the summer months, while a 5×5 metre parasol provides shady relief in the heat. During winter it may be cooler!  Expect: pastel-brushed cushions, coastal white deck chairs and potted palm trees.

Hotel guests are welcome to enjoy the pool and deck during their stay.

There’s no permanent bar at this sky-high paradise, but Om Nom’s dishes up a nibble-friendly, grazing rooftop menu and drinks list.

Watch out for Adelphi’s summer announcement coming soon.

Pool hours currently for guests are Fri 9am-6pm & Sat 6am-6pm*.

*Pool hours are subject to change at the hotels discretion.