'Adelphi Hotel delights and entertains at every corner.' Belle Magazine, 2016

Adelphi Hotel is a small hotel that presents an enticing palette of temptations. Swinging couches, signature desserts, cocktails, candles and Liquorice All-Sort stools are merely the entree. Discover 34 sumptuous rooms, world-class amenities, an intimate & striking lobby space and a magnificent 12 seater private dining/ Boardroom space.  Adelphi is (literally) topped off by it's iconic rooftop Pool and Deck area - with it's over-hanging glass bottomed pool.  And guests can be wowed by all on offer at famous Om Nom Kitchen.  

Attached to Adelphi, you'll find Mon Bijou event space and the award winning Ezard restaurant, located in the basement level.

A step away from bustling city streets, enjoy the sensation of escape. Lose yourself in luxury, in texture. Absorb the soft sounds, the whispers, laughter and music. Taste the unique offerings. Settle in for the sweetest of dreams. Dive in, to be enlivened.